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Charloft Halloween Contest! Win books!

charloft provides daily prompts for novelists, roleplayers, NaNo writers, fiction writers, and fanfic writers. If you've got a character that just won't get out of your head, come on down and let them roam in the Charloft! Participate as often or as infrequently as you like. No pesty application - just join up and you're ready to go.

Best of all, Charloft will offer awards and prizes for some of our activities. These will range from banners and badges for your user info to actual prizes like books on writing and paid LJ time. Check out our current contest to win some books by writing a Halloween themed story with your characters! We will also have a NaNoWrimo themed contest in November, and some special activities for the upcoming holidays.

We allow for roleplaying, character questions, and other interactive activities outside of prompts - so there's always something to do at the Charloft!

Over 200 members in our first week and growing - come join the fun!
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